Uriah Inkenge Taakhaar of AADL rallies support for Mike Brown and Eric Garner but is arrested.


(l-r) Dr. Mali Zulu Shabazz, Dr. James Muhammad, Uriah Inkenge Taakhaar,  Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere seated behind, and an supporter looks on while the young leader speaks.

Uriah Inkenge Taakhaar of AADL is arrested at his home just days before the verdict not to indict the officer who killed Eric Garner. Mauricelm-Lei Millere lead advisor and captain of African American Defense League stated, “Uriah was arrested because certain forces fear his influence as a youth leader. The charges of assault to an officer was a trumped up charge to get him away from those he was most influential. This is a strong young brother who has the power to transform thought to action. I was not there to lead with him on the preceding campaign but watch him on the news while I was speaking before integrated groups seeking to build coalitions. Of course we are in Ferguson now to take care of our brother and restore him home.” African American Defense League – Bridgette Anderson reporting, Black Nationalist Network News, November 06, 2014


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